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John and Yoko Cake Super Chunk Original Honeycomb Dessert

John & Yoko

Super Chunk's signature dessert, a honey cake tres leches with mascarpone whipped cream and honeycomb candy

Mini Birthday Cake with a single candle in the middle Super Chunk Signature Original Dessert



chocolate cake with vanilla bean Swiss meringue buttercream and sprinkles. who says it needs to be your birthday? (please enjoy at room temperature)




Strawberry hibiscus mousse filled with Nutella hazelnut praline, served on lemon sponge and a black cocoa shortbread cookie, glazed with black cocoa hazelnut ganache

Chocolate Bomb Dessert

Chocolate Bomb

black cocoa cake, chocolate red wine mousse, blackberry red wine gelée, ganache, and black cocoa cookie crumbs

Peanut Butter Nanaimo Pie Super Chunk Signature Original Desserts



Butter Pie

our take on the Canadian treat, but loaded with American tradition (peanut butter and chocolate!). The crust is made with home-made gluten-free honey graham crackers, peanuts, toasted coconut, and cocoa powder. The filling is mascarpone and house made peanut butter. It is topped with coconut ganache. You can special order a 9" version of this treat too (just give us 48 hour notice)!



raspberry aloe vera mousse, prickly pear gelee, pistachio sponge, pistachio crumble, pistachio glaze, mesquite sable cookie